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IA Your Way: Participate in Our Card Sort

Screenshot of Optimal Sort Cardsorting InstructionsThanks to site metrics and your survey feedback, we have an idea of what content you would like to see on Now as part of our ongoing effort to recreate the home of user experience, we’re conducting an online card sort Site exit disclaimer to help us to understand how you would like to see that content organized and labeled.

Participating in Our Online Card Sort

If you haven’t participated in a card sort before, it involves:

Organizing a series of phrases and topics into groups that make sense to you and represent how you would expect to find information grouped on the website

Proposing labels for each group that you’ve created

If you participate in the card sort Site exit disclaimer, it should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

What We Hope to Learn

OptimalSort Site exit disclaimer, the software we’re using to conduct the online card sort, enables us to analyze your feedback.

We understand that serves a variety of web professionals. We are trying to build a site that is intuitive and  satisfies as many groups as possible. Conducting this remote open card sort will help us to do that.

You can also learn how to conduct a card sort of your own.

To tell us what you think, use the twitter hash tag #UsabilityReboot Site exit disclaimer and follow @UsabilityGov Site exit disclaimer on twitter to learn more about the redesign. For comments more than 140 characters long or if you are interested in participating or contributing to the site, please contact us at

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