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Tag: Project Management

  • Creating a User-Centered Approach in Government
    Government agencies provide vital information and services that affect people’s daily lives. They have the responsibilities of responding to the needs of its citizens, running as...
  • Benefits of User-Centered Design
    Is including user experience in project development worth the time and resources?If so, how can you determine and communicate back the value of following a user-centered design (UCD)...
  • User Experience
    User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.  It also takes into account the business...
  • Project Management
    Project management focuses on planning and organizing a project and its resources. This includes identifying and managing the lifecycle to be used, applying it to the user-centered design...
  • Usability Study Process and Materials Checklist
    A checklist for planning and executing a usability study.
  • Position Description: Usability Specialist
    A position description for a Usability Specialist in government service.  Skills and duties are applicable to the private sector as well.  
  • SOW Template: Web Usability Testing
    This template is designed to detail the requirements and expectations of a Contractor organizing, facilitating and reporting on web usability testing.
  • SOW Template: Web Usability Consulting
    This template is designed to detail the requirements and expectations of a Contractor providing usability and standards development consulting support. 
  • SOW Template: Usability and Focus Group Participant Recruitment
    This template is designed to detail the requirements and expectations of a Contractor to support recruiting, scheduling, and compensating participants to take part usability testing and...
  • SOW Template: Usability Task Order Request
    This template is designed to detail the requirements and expectations of a Contractor supporting planning, analyzing, designing, implementing, evaluating, and testing a Government Web site.
  • Questions to Ask at Kick-Off Meetings
    Contains questions pertaining to your site purpose/vision, goals, audiences, tasks, and usability objectives, requirements, technology needs, timeline and plan.
  • Usability Intern Interview Questions & Sample Projects Template
    A list of possible questions for use during  an intern interview.
  • Position Description: Usability Intern
    An example of announcement template for a paid internship.
  • Report Template: Metrics PowerPoint  (Statistics Review and Design Implications)
    An example of a PowerPoint presentation of site metrics examining, among other things, traffic, usage and search term data.  
  • Develop a Project Plan
    A project plan takes into account the approach the team will take and helps the team and stakeholders document decisions made regarding the objective, scope, schedule, resources, and...
  • Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
    Creating an interdisciplinary team with the right mix of skills is vital to the smooth and successful execution of any project. Team members may be able to cover multiple roles or there may...
  • Kick-Off Meeting
    Use your kick-off meeting to discuss the business case related to the site, the vision and mission based on user and organizational goals, and the vision for the site moving forward. 
  • Website Requirements
    Website requirements are a list of necessary functions, capabilities, or characteristics related to your website and the plans for creating it.  There are several types of requirements that...
  • Usability Testing a Web Content Management System
    Selecting a Web content management system (WCMS), can be a daunting process. As part of its selection process, HHS reviewed the market and selected several applications to assess.
  • Tell Us What You Really Think
    Provide your feedback and help make the leading resource for user experience guidelines and best practices.
  • Recreating the Home of User Experience
    HHS is redesigning and we want your input to make the site better. Find out how you can join the conversation and contribute to the site.
  • Usability Statements of Work
    Write SOWs that include baseline and redesign segments related to usability engineering, which helps agencies save money.