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Ensure your site is 508 compliant and accessible to all.

Welcome to the Reimagined

Learn more about the improvements HHS made to to help users find the information and resources they need faster and easier.

The Digital Communications Division at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) operates two usability labs. These labs are free of charge for other federal agencies to use. They are located in rooms 453G3.19 and 637F of HHS’ Headquarters:

Hubert Humphrey Building
200 Independence Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20002

Government agencies provide vital information and services that affect people’s daily lives. They have the responsibilities of responding to the needs of its citizens, running as effectively and efficiently as possible, and being timely and accurate with its information.

Accessibility focuses on how a disabled person accesses or benefits from a site, system or application. Accessibility is an important part of the designing your site and should be considered throughout the development process. Section 508 is the governing principle and it requires that all government information be accessible to disabled users. 

Getting the Guidelines Up-to-Date

Updating the Guidelines is an important part of the reboot of our Program. We are creating the process and want to know how you’d like to see it take shape. 

Creating Wireframes