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Ensure your site is 508 compliant and accessible to all.

No FAIL Accessibility Testing

Making websites and software applications 508 compliant has gained a reputation for being expensive and time consuming. This myth is one of the biggest barriers to accessibility. Critical elements for developing accessible sites includes understanding what people with different types of disabilities need; building in accessibility from the project inception; and testing and remediating in increments.

Role-Based Accessibility in Government: Everyone's Responsibility

During this webinar, you will learn how to influence your agency's approach to accessibility—how to apply accessibility requirements to each person's role within a project team. You'll also find out what specific guidelines, tools, and training resources all team members can use to implement accessibility in their work.

Making Social Media More Accessible: What You Can Do Today

Have you ever observed how people with disabilities are experiencing your content on social media? Is someone who uses a screen reader or other assistive technology able to understand your content on Twitter or Facebook? In this presentation, you’ll learn specific tips for making your agency’s social media content more accessible. We’ll go through tools and tactics you can use to help make sure your social media engagements are readable for all your communities.

Moderating Usability Tests

Effectively moderating usability tests is critical to gaining insights about your users needs. Learn about the many techniques researchers use to moderate sessions.