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2009 Blogs

  • Developing an Online Form
    Creating an online form can present developers with many challenges. This case study reviews how a paper-based form was taken through the usability engineering process to develop a functional online version.
  • AvantGo Development
    NCI explores AvantGo Enterprise 4.2 Solution, which provides a platform to deliver Internet content onto handheld wireless devices such as Palm and Pocket PCs.
  • LiveHelp Instant Messaging
    LiveHelp, NCI's instant messaging service, is a pilot program that provides search and navigation support for users of NCI Web pages. The program is being piloted to evaluate the efficacy and efficiency of instant messaging to facilitate access to cancer information.
  • Designing Educational Booklets for the Web
    Get the lessons learned based on the results of usability tests on two booklets from the National Cancer Institute that were transferred from print to the Web.
  • Credibility
    Users are becoming more skeptical of the information they find online. Learn about the factors impacting your website's credibility.
  • Building Trust
    Online trust is important whether you are trying to distribute information or initiating online business transactions.  Find out how to design with trust as a consideration.
  • Organizing Content on Web Sites
    Create an information architecture that represents your content and label the links to make that content easy to find.
  • The Impact of Aesthetics on Attitudes Towards Websites
    A user's perception of a website can evoke a wide range of emotions and attitudes. These impact the user's attitude towards the site's content, advertised products, company, credibility and site usability.