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Improve Efficiency and Usability with Design Templates

Video, Web Resource - November 9, 2010
Author/Editors: Jeff Hovarath, Carolyn Lawson, Dane Wilson
Organization: DigitalGov University

In this webinar, you'll learn the importance of User Interface Design Templates and how they can improve usability on your site. Design templates help user-centered design become a routine and valuable part of your organization's development process. Routine designs with consistent layout don't need to be reinvented with every website or application update. Using design templates also results in more consistent and usable content.  Carolyn Lawson and Dane Wilson from will share their experiences in building consensus and bringing a template-based approach to the more than 130 California state agencies and 400 separate websites.  They'll share the lessons learned about the process and talk about the benefits—tangible and intangible—that the State of California received by taking a template-based approach to their redesign efforts. Bring efficiency and a better user experience to your agency with a template-based approach to your next website or application redesign project.