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OptimalSort—Card Sorting Made Easy

Video, Web Resource - December 7, 2009
Author/Editors: Sam Ng
Organization: DigitalGov University

Do your users have trouble finding information and tasks on your website? Are you trying to re-organize the site but don't know where to start?
Card Sorting is a technique in which a group of selected website users arrange your tasks and topics into categories that make sense to them. Typically, the content topics are identified and written onto index cards or Post–it notes that the user arranges into logical groups. Card sorts help make websites easier to use and are an appropriate activity for new web pages as well as when redesigning existing websites. OptimalSort is card sorting made easier. It's an online tool with an "elegant user interface, powerful analysis and outstanding support." As part of this presentation, OptimalSort representative Sam Ng will take you through a card sort of a section of from start to finish. You'll participate in the sort before the presentation, getting familiar with the tool, and then during the presentation Sam will explain how to analyze the results of the card sort and how to turn these results into a new and better informational structure. Gain the knowledge and experience you need to do your own card sort.