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Tag: Audience-specific

  • Persona Development Discussion Guide
    The purpose of personas is to provide a reliable representation of your key audience segments for reference.  The included questions and areas of discussion will help you construct a “...
  • Questions to Ask at Kick-Off Meetings
    Contains questions pertaining to your site purpose/vision, goals, audiences, tasks, and usability objectives, requirements, technology needs, timeline and plan.
  • Organization Structures
    An organizational structure is how you define the relationships between pieces of content. Successful structures allow users to predict where they will find information on the site. It’s...
  • Credibility
    Users are becoming more skeptical of the information they find online. Learn about the factors impacting your website's credibility.
  • Color Blindness & Web Design
    Learn about the benefits and challenges of designing color-friendly sites, and which colors work best.
  • Web Usability and Aging
    Find out what you need to consider when desiging a site used by seniors.
  • Age-Related Research-Based Usability Guidelines
    There are definite, predictable degenerative effects of aging on a person’s ability to effectively and efficiency interact with Web-based systems.  Learn about the research-based...