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Tag: Testing

  • Mobile Usability, Testing Testers
    Usability testing equipment for mobile devices is improving. Read the results of a study HHS conducted on two mobile user-testing tools, the usability platter and usability clip. 
  • Eyetracking and Web site Design
    Find out what areas of a page, based on eye tracking, are grabbing a user’s attention and the areas that are being ignored and how a user searches for information.
  • Moderating Usability Tests
    Effectively moderating usability tests is critical to gaining insights about your users needs. Learn about the many techniques researchers use to moderate sessions.
  • IA Your Way: Participate in Our Card Sort
    Participate in our online card sort to help us develop the information architecture of
  • Usability and Accessibility: Looking at User Experience through Two Lenses
    Evaluating your website with both usability and accessibility in mind gives all users the best possible user experience. Learn more about tying accessibility into usability at
  • Design and Testing: Cancer Information on Handhelds
    Providing cancer information on handheld wireless devices such as Palm and Pocket PCs presents new challenges to designers and usability professionals. This case study evaluates the process...
  • AvantGo Development
    NCI explores AvantGo Enterprise 4.2 Solution, which provides a platform to deliver Internet content onto handheld wireless devices such as Palm and Pocket PCs.
  • Recruiting User Testing Participants
    To meet your users’ needs, it is essential to know your audience and to design for them. A key way to do this is by identifying your Web site’s primary users and recruiting a sample for...
  • Usability Statements of Work
    Write SOWs that include baseline and redesign segments related to usability engineering, which helps agencies save money.
  • LiveHelp Instant Messaging
    LiveHelp, NCI's instant messaging service, is a pilot program that provides search and navigation support for users of NCI Web pages. The program is being piloted to evaluate the efficacy...
  • Usability Labs: Portable Versus Fixed
    You can do testing in either a formal or informal setting. Compare the benefits of fixed labs and portable labs.