Tag: User Interface Design

  • Usability and Mobile Devices
    Find out what factors influence performance on mobile and what is further needed from the research community.
  • Eyetracking and Web site Design
    Find out what areas of a page, based on eye tracking, are grabbing a user’s attention and the areas that are being ignored and how a user searches for information.
  • Image Carousels: Getting Control of the Merry-Go-Round
    Find out what researchers are saying and how you can improve the effectiveness of the image carousel on your homepage.
  • Adaptive Web-Based Learning Environments
    There is a significant increase in online learning.  Learn about the technical approaches to educational system design, learner characteristics, and more.
  • Building Trust
    Online trust is important whether you are trying to distribute information or initiating online business transactions.  Find out how to design with trust as a consideration.
  • Developing an Online Form
    Creating an online form can present developers with many challenges. This case study reviews how a paper-based form was taken through the usability engineering process to develop a...
  • Web Usability and Aging
    Find out what you need to consider when desiging a site used by seniors.
  • Creating Usable Online Forms
    Find out about the importance of aligning labels to fields in form design.
  • Should All Links be Underlined?
    Links are the primary means by which users navigate Web sites. If users do not notice, or do not think that links are clickable, they may not use the links.  Learn about the best practices...
  • Reading Onscreen: The Effects of Line Length on Performance
    Learn which types of documents users prefer to read online and which they usually "print then read".  When reading online, line length impacts performance.
  • Age-Related Research-Based Usability Guidelines
    There are definite, predictable degenerative effects of aging on a person’s ability to effectively and efficiency interact with Web-based systems.  Learn about the research-based...