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  • D-Links
    Descriptive links used to house extensive descriptions for complex figures.
  • Data entry field
    A visually well-defined location on a page where users may type data.
  • Decision table
    An information mapping method that tables complicated logic
  • Deep linking
    Hypertext link to a page on a Web site other than its home page
  • Density, page
    A measure of the percentage of the screen that is filled with text and graphics.
  • Design validation
    An assessment of a website's functions and elements correspondence as identified initially with the design and the end user?s actual needs.
  • Design verification
    An assessment of the interface's correspondence with the design that was defined
  • Destination page
    The location in a Web site where a given user goes after clicking on a link. [See also Target page or Landing Page]
  • Diary Study
    Research method that involves providing participants with the materials and structure to record daily events, tasks and perceptions around a given subject in order to gain insight into their behaviour and needs over time.
  • Direct user data
    The feedback that comes from a face-to-face research method such as a one on one interview or focus group.
  • Disability
    A limitation in an ability
  • Download time
    The amount of time required for a requested page to fully appear on a user's screen.
  • Drop-down list
    Screen-based controls in which one list item shows, and the remaining list items are hidden until users click on a downward-facing arrow. Drop-down lists allow designers to preserve screen real estate while maintaining the ability to present a full suite of options to users.