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  • Gap analysis
    An evaluation technique used to demonstrate the difference between the desired state and the current state.
  • Gestalt Principles
    People do not visually perceive items in isolation, but as part of a larger whole. These principles include humans tendencies towards similarity, proximity, continuity, and closure.
  • Global elements
    Page links or functions of a website or application that are present throughout.
  • Global navigation
    A means to access primary content or functions from every page
  • Gloss
    An automated action that provides summary information on where a link will take a user prior to the user clicking on the link. Often, glosses appear as a small "pop-up" text box adjacent to a link. The gloss appears as the user moves the mouse over the link that is programmed with the gloss.
  • Graceful Degradation
    When a site utilizes new technology, if disabled, the content maintains effectiveness for the users.
  • Graphic design
    See Visual Design
  • Graphic elements
    An element of a user interface that displays information or can be manipulated by the user to pursue a task.
  • Graphic links
    Interactive links that reside in an image rather than hypertext.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    See User Interface
  • Graphics
    Images, icons, patterns or other visual representations.
  • Grid systems
    A system of horizontal and vertical lines providing a structural basis for page layout and design.