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  • Icon graphic
    An image that is usually interactive and represents an object or action or marker for entry into information.
  • Image links
    A clickable image hyperlinked for internal linking and web site navigation without supporting text.
  • Image map
    Regions of a single graphic image are designed to be clickable and hyperlinked to different pages or destinations.
  • Image placeholders
    Text that provides users with descriptive information about a graphic while it is downloading.
  • Index link
    Index links function as a table of contents. They provide users a quick glance at the Web site organization, allows users to quickly ascertain where they want to go, and to navigate there directly from the homepage.
  • Indirect user data
    User data collection methods that do not include face-to-face interaction, such as surveys and marketing efforts.
  • Industrial Design or Product Design
    Design of consumer products that considers usability, human factors, ergonomics, and appearance while still maintaining function.
  • Information Architecture (IA)
    The process of organizing information including defining site hierarchies, web content, labeling schemes and navigation in a way that is easy for people to find, understand and manage the information.
  • Interaction Design (IXD)
    The study of how a user interacts with a page, application or product.
  • Interface
    A view or presentation of an object or program.
  • Interface Design
    See Interaction Design, Visual Design
  • Internal links
    Hyperlinks within a page or site which point to additional content within the same site.
  • Internationalization
    A system whose primary design has been developed to work in multiple languages and in the cultural contexts of different locales.
  • Interviews
    One-on-one interactions between end-users and researchers to gather data about the conceptual model or design of a system.
  • Inverted pyramid writing
    News writing format that gives the most important information or conclusion first, followed by details.
  • Iterative testing
    A methodology in which a product is tested and changed repeatedly at different stages of design/development to eliminate usability issues before the product is launched.