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  • Labeling systems
    The consistent selection and placement of labels that best accommodates navigation.
  • Labels
    Naming conventions for buttons or site navigation.
  • Landing page
    The location in a Web site where a given user goes after clicking on a link. Also Target page or Destination page.
  • Late adopters
    Individuals who are hestitant to adopt new technology.
  • Layout graphic
    Graphic elements that serve to delineate, divide or identify content on a webpage.
  • Leading
    Line spacing or the vertical space between lines of text.
  • Learnability
    How easy or difficult it is to learn to effectively use a system or interface.
  • Likert Scale
    A response range for a type of survey question in which a person is asked to rate their reaction to a statement along a scale. The scale typically runs from a positive rating to a negative rating with a neutral score in between.
  • Liquid design
    A design technique that automatically scales to fit the user's browser.
  • Local navigation
    Refers to navigation within a local area of a site or application including sub-site navigation and page-level navigation.
  • Localization
    Customizing or personalizing a national or international product for a local market.
  • Long Descriptions
    Descriptions that are written for complex figures and tagged via the long desc attribute; though not currently supported by most Web browsers, the long desc attribute is a planned feature in the next iteration of Firefox.
  • Longitudinal Study
    A study conducted over a period of time to analyze the long-term effects of changes in products, processes or environment.
  • Look and Feel
    The consistent visual design and application of a corporate identity to an interface.
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype
    Low cost, illustrated design or concept usually sketched on paper or created as flat images. [See also high-Fidelity Prototype]
  • Luminance
    Subjective brightness, intensity of light.
  • Luminance Contrast Ratio
    A measure of the difference between foreground and background; specific minimal values are recommended via WCAG 2.0.