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  • Masked data entry control
    A control that automatically formats the input's appearance
  • Masthead
    The (usually) graphical banner at the top of a Web page that identifies the organization or group that hosts the Web site. The masthead typically contains the name of the organization and site (if different) and an organizational logo.
  • Memorability
    The degree to which users can remember how to use an interface
  • Mental map or model
    The user's conception of the structure of the web application. The closer the users mental model is to the functionality of the site, the higher the site's perceived usability.
  • Metadata
    Data about data, it can be used to describe content on a web page or information in any other sort of media.
  • Minesweeping
    An action designed to identify where on a page links are located. Minesweeping involves the user rapidly moving the cursor or pointer over a page, watching to see where the cursor or pointer changes to indicate the presence of a link. [See also Mouseover]
  • Modal/non-modal OR modality
    A page or window that forces the user's interaction.
  • Moderated usability testing
    Usability testing with the active participation of a facilitator or moderator.
  • Monochrome
    Paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color.
  • Monospaced font
    A font whose letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space.
  • Mouseover
    A Web interaction wherein some visually-apparent change occurs to an item when the user's cursor/pointer is placed over the item. Examples of visually-apparent change includes links highlighting (words, images, etc.), cursors/pointers changing shape, or menus opening. [See also Minesweeping]