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  • Open Card Sort
    A card sort exercise where participants are grouping content topics or "cards" into categories and then namong ot labeling the categories. [See Card Sort and Closed Card Sort]
  • Open list
    An open list is a screen-based control where either all of the list items are immediately visible on the screen, or where several list items are immediately visible to the user, and the remaining list items can be viewed by scrolling the list.
  • Optimal path
    The system's most efficient and effective way to accomplish a task.
  • Organization schemes
    The way in which information is organized or structured. This organization is based on the type an breadth of information contained on the site.
  • Organizing principals
    The way in which material is organized so users can quickly form a Mental Model. Common organizing principals include: alphabetical, chronological, task-based, geographical or audience oriented.