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Information Architecture Glossary Terms

  • Experience architecture
    Multidisciplinary approach to technology involving information architecture, interaction design and experience design practices that aim to provide a good user experience and benefit business.
  • Index link
    Index links function as a table of contents. They provide users a quick glance at the Web site organization, allows users to quickly ascertain where they want to go, and to navigate there directly from the homepage.
  • Information Architecture (IA)
    The process of organizing information including defining site hierarchies, web content, labeling schemes and navigation in a way that is easy for people to find, understand and manage the information.
  • Inverted pyramid writing
    News writing format that gives the most important information or conclusion first, followed by details.
  • Path
    The route taken by a user as they move through a Web site. The path can be shown by breadcrumbs.
  • Syntax
    The formatting rules tht aaddress the spelling of language components and the rules controlling how components should be combined. A syntax error occurs if you misspell a command, use inappropriate grammar, capitalization, etc. To reduce error, provide syntactic hints. Example of a syntactic hint: "Enter search terms separated by AND, OR, NOT, and/or enclose terms in double quotes to specify your search." "All operators must be capitalized."