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User Interface Design Glossary Terms

  • Affordance
    When a control behaves as its appearance suggests.
  • Animation
    A simulation of movement by the rapid appearance of images in sequence.
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
    Code that defines how to display HTML elements in externalstyle sheets that enable you to change the appearance and layout of all the pages in a Web site by editing one single file.
  • Entry field
    The entry field, which is also known as a data or text entry field, is employed when users are required to make text or data entries, including keywords, commands, quantities, etc.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    See User Interface
  • Interface
    A view or presentation of an object or program.
  • Interface Design
    See Interaction Design, Visual Design
  • Labeling systems
    The consistent selection and placement of labels that best accommodates navigation.
  • Labels
    Naming conventions for buttons or site navigation.
  • Path
    The route taken by a user as they move through a Web site. The path can be shown by breadcrumbs.
  • User Interface (UI), or Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    What the user sees.
    An acronym for "What you see is what you get." It describes the way in which the layout on the graphical screen is a representation of the printed version of the document.